Who is really the best baseball team in the majors? I honestly don't know but I try to figure that out by using basic and advanced statistics. I live for talking about baseball, it's my biggest drive in my life and I will jump on the opportunity to talk baseball with anyone, even with people who I don't really like. For me, Baseball is a piece of art that sits in my mind all day, ready to be painted on at any point of the day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Greatest Day in the World

By Mike Moritz

Ahhhh yes, the sweet smell of grass and the brightness of the sun. A bead of sweat rolls down my face, well wait, actually no, I'm in the north-east so no sweat quite yet, at least for me.

But let's pretend: The sweat rolls down my face and the sun is beating down on me. I place another ball on the tee, load my hands, like Josh Hamilton, stride forward, like Jose Bautista, bring my bat around and down to the ball, like Albert Pujols, staying close to my body, like Alex Rodriguez, and extending through the ball, like the great Chipper Jones. The days of spring training are just about over and although Florida and Arizona are loved dearly, it is time to get The Show on the road.

The big question is: what will top Jason Heyward's first home run, in his first at-bat, in his first game, on Opening Day? But many other questions still loom over head. Will the Yankee's rotation hold up? How much will the Phillies suffer without Chase Utley and Brad Lidge? Will Matt Kemp, Derek Jeter and others bounce back? Can and will Jose Bautista repeat as home run king? Will Adam Dunn slump (moving to the American League) or explode (going into U.S. Cellular Field)? And perhaps one the harder questions to answer: How will the American League East division shake out? Can the Orioles really win 81 games or more? Will the Rays finish last? Can Brett Gardner keep it up or will he turn into Nyjer Morgan (without the attitude)? How much of the future Royals team will we see and see succeed?

So many questions, but in time, my friend, they will be answered.

In time.

Luckily, that time starts TOMORROW! 1:00 PM, the Detroit Tigers go into Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Justin Verlander against C.C. Sabathia (the Nationals and Braves also play at 1, but I'm a Yankee fan so that's why I mentioned the Yankee game).

It is just such a relaxing thought: baseball.

Who could ask for more than Opening Day? Managers, get your seat-coolers ready; GM's, get your magical wands (or dunce cap) ready; and Sabermagicians, get your brains ready...? That was a bad joke, sorry, I'm just a little EXCITED.



  1. i like it it mike. improvement since the beginning of this horseshit. i will be cranking the ball outta the park all day at camp so why dont u write bout that. seriously give me some kind of shoutout in one of your blogs, it will make them appear more personal.

  2. Hahaha will do Pete, that's a good idea, I'll do it for ya